The toe of my shoe lay on the front of the starting line. My knee was bent at a 45 degree angle, and I drew in a long deep breath. My head swiveled to face my competition. His eyes pointed at the finish line just 50 meters away, he barely moved in anticipation. My head quickly shifted back into position as I heard the countdown begin.

“Okay here we go, Three…” I shifted my shoe.

“Two…” My eyes narrowed, and my weight moved to the front of my body.

”One!” I took off, lunging forward with all of my strength. I gave all of my effort into my sprint. I felt good, the wind on my face, as it could not keep up with my speed. As I turn, I see my opponent, several paces ahead of me, dive for the finish line. Out of breath, he turns to me with a grin. I guess that’s what I get for taking on Mr. Stuart. 

It’s always a great time of year, when the students break out their athletic and competitive side for track and field day. This year we started things off with the mile run. Students started off with a quick pace, all in hopes of beating the person in front of them. From there, the students showed off their talents in the typical track and field day events. I look forward to this day every year because I am motivated to push myself and I am brought closer to my friends as I go head to head in friendly competition. I hope that everyone else had just as much fun as I did. 

~Tavi Stuart, Junior