Life is Packed with adventure. Shouldn’t education be, too?

At Mount Ellis Academy, our students discover, develop, and serve. We learn, laugh, play, collaborate, pray, spend time in nature, and form unbreakable bonds.

We’ve been teaching students in grades 9-12 since 1902, so we’ve got a lot of history and experience inside and outside of the classroom. Mount Ellis Academy is a Christian school that welcomes students of all faiths and all backgrounds. We’re a diverse bunch, and we’re proud of our similarities and our differences.

Welcome to Mount Ellis Academy. You’ll like it here.

Picking a high school is a big deal.



Parents & Families

Parents & Families



Why Mount Ellis?

Outstanding teachers and engaging classes are the core of what makes our academic program so strong, but there’s something more. At Mount Ellis Academy, learning is centered on the discovery of your natural gifts. Every effort is made to help you identify your strengths and reach your potential.

The academic program at Mount Ellis Academy is designed to prepare you for college. Like you, we have high standards, and we work hard to make every learning activity engaging and fun. You’ll spend a lot of time outdoors in God’s classroom, and small class sizes guarantee that everyone will know your name.

MEA students score above average on all those standardized tests, but even more important is that, in many cases, students use their academic accomplishments to serve others. Graduates can be found all over the globe working in engineering, education, medicine, and more.

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“I’ve moved around a lot in my life, and out of all of the schools I’ve ever attended, none compare to the programming offered by Mount Ellis Academy.  The friendships I’ve made here will last a life-time.”