Bible I

Bible I provides students with an understanding of the history of the Bibles development and the purpose of the Bible today. We will examine Old Testament stories to discover what we can learn from them that applies to our lives today. Our second semester will focus on the story of salvation and God’s grace. It is our hope that students will learn to study God’s word in a way that is meaningful and relevant to them. Our highest aim is that students will decide to develop and grow a personal relationship with God.

Bible II

Sophomore Bible is a thorough study of God’s people throughout history. First Semester includes an overall survey of God’s people through the Old and New Testaments. Second Semester follows God’s people through the formation of the Christian Church, the middle ages, the reformation, and the development of the Seventh-day Adventist church.

Bible III

The Study of Romans, Daniel, Revelation and the 28 Church Doctrines. Students will gain the following specific skills to study the Bible: Use of a concordance, use of commentaries for aid in understanding specific problems, how to study the Bible within its historical setting and context, how archeology and other related disciplines can contribute to one’s understanding of a Biblical book.

Bible IV

Each quarter is different for the senior year and we study the following topics: Christian Philosophy of Life, Careers, Marriage and Family and world Religions.Students will study Proverbs to help them experience a growing relationship with Christ, develop a philosophy of life that centers on living for God’s glory, to introduce them to the wisdom literature of the Bible. To encourage them to include eternity in all of their plans for present and future.

Introduction to Ministry

Ministry class is the perfect place for a student to realize the mission of Mount Ellis Academy to “Discover, develop and serve.” Following the example of Jesus we recognize that the reality of our Creator is best discovered by experience. Having called His disciples, Jesus then led them into active ministry. They jumped right in participating with Him in the work of sharing the gospel of the Kingdom. The message is simply “God is Love.” In ministry we seek to proclaim this truth by words and actions while constantly remembering that actions speak louder than words. As part of the effort we welcome all gifts given by, and dedicated to God and seek daily opportunities to put them into practice for His glory. Common Ministry Class activities include, leading out in praise and worship, leading small group bible studies, and doing hands on ministry like service projects and daily acts of love and mercy towards others. Ministry class is a pass/fail course in which students can also earn community service credit.