Auto Mechanics

The auto mechanics class focuses on basic auto repair from bumper to bumper, and teaches students how to diagnose and repair basic systems including: brakes, electronics, suspension, electrical and engine performance. Special emphasis is placed on safety training with lift usage, the proper use of chemicals, shop materials and repair techniques. The automobile is divided into 14 labs that cover most vehicle systems. Which labs are completed depends on repair projects that come into the auto shop. Students are allowed to work on their own vehicle projects (at the discretion of the shop teacher).

Wood Shop

Wood Shop class focuses on basic wood working with a healthy dose of practical and safety training. You will learn how to shape and manipulate wood using hand and power tools. Mount Ellis Academy has many power tools for students to learn with including sanders, routers lathes and the latest in table saw safety technology, our new Saw Stop.


The goal of our Welding Theory and Welding Practical classes are to introduce and progress students in the science of welding in a safe controlled environment. Time is spent practicing multiple welding processes, joint styles and welding positions on many types of metal. Students may then progress to real-world fabrication projects that come through our shop. Students are allowed (at the discretion of the shop teacher) to work on personal projects. Advanced welding theory and practice aimed to preparing students for a career in welding are also available as time and skills allow.

  • Welding Theory contains reading assignments, discussions, and practical exercises pertaining to welding application, science and technology.
  • Welding Practical contains discussions and practical exercises. This course continues skill development from lecture topics found in Welding Theory. Practical work involves the application of SMAW, GMAW and GTAW as it is used in industry today. Use of the various modes of metal transfer, joint styles, welding positions, welding of carbon and stainless steels, and aluminum alloys on various joint styles and in various welding positions and manipulation techniques will be emphasized