World History

This is a survey course in World History covering the Dawn of Civilization to Issues in the Contemporary World. We will be studying the people, agriculture and foundations of civilizations thru many eras.

US History

This is a survey course in US History primarily covering the period from the colonization of the Americas to the current time. This survey will concentrate of the social development of the people of the US in an attempt to show how our past has influenced our present.

Government & Economics

This is a basic course in civic understanding and understanding economics and how businesses are run and how to run a household. Emphasis is not just on learning about how one’s government operates, but will also provide opportunity to participate in the civic environment. Students will develop a sense of how their lives are impacted by government and civic events, both present and past. They willunderstand a core of basic knowledge about social issues and institutions, be involved in civic problem-solving adventures. Students will become more adept at analyzing various civic positions, looking for ways groups and individuals attempt to influence the debate of civic issues.