Kebrina attended Washington Adventist University and Loma Linda University where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences, a Master of Physical Therapy, and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy.

She enjoys mountain biking, skiing, trail running, water skiing, wake-surfing, and dirt-biking with her family. She is married to Rich and and has two children, Ian and Anika. Kebrina joined the staff at MEA in 2020 after a 21 year career in orthopedic and women’s health physical therapy. She has a passion for travel and adventure, and enjoys working with young people and sharing her love of Jesus with the people around her.

James Stuart grew up in Walla Walla and spent his high school years at Walla Walla Valley Academy. After graduating, he attended Walla Walla University where he got his degree in Biology, Chemistry, and Spanish. Later on, he completed his Master of Science Education from Montana State University.

Prior to teaching here at Mount Ellis Academy, he taught at Tulsa Adventist Academy, and Spencerville Adventist Academy. He does his best to make sure that all of his students reach their potential in his classes and makes himself available to students if they feel the need for individual attention from him.

He has a passion for outdoor education. His hobbies are mountain biking and rock climbing. He’s married to Ingrid and has two children, Isaiah and Tavi.

He is also the Vice Principal for Academics, Yearbook Advisor, and Soccer Coach.

Jonathan was born into a family with deep roots in service to the church and Mount Ellis Academy. Even as a potential fourth-generation teacher, he wasn’t sure that teaching was the profession for him. However, after serving as taskforce dean and chaplain at Mount Ellis Academy in 1999-2000, he saw that academy life was in his future.

After completing his degree in Religion/Religious Education at Union College in 2001, Jonathan spent a year at Broadview Academy in Illinois, 10 years teaching religion and social studies at Redwood Adventist Academy in Santa Rosa, California, and two years at Dakota Adventist Academy.

Jonathan is married to Lauren, and the two have a dog, Eva Peace, and two cats, Bartholomew and Ophelia. He likes to read, hike, fish, camp, and spend time outdoors. Every year and each day bring new challenges and ideas for enhancing what Jonathan does in his classroom. He believes in being a student of perspectives and events of history, instead of merely teaching it. Being back at Mount Ellis Academy is a dream come true.