Intro to Computers

Using commercial word processing and spreadsheet software, the course will further develop the skills of students who have taken keyboarding. Word processing and spreadsheet concepts and applications learned will be useful on a personal and occupational level. For spreadsheets, the student will develop the idea of placing text, numbers, and formulas in row/column format. Graphing data for presentations will also be presented. Students will create spreadsheets for procedures such as payroll, grades, and inventory.


This is a technology class that assists students in learning basic photo-editing techniques and layout skills in order to take a yearbook project from idea to print. They will complete assignments from on how to use Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop. Under the supervision of the head student editor(s) and yearbook sponsor they will take photos of school events and use those shots in their layouts. It is a fun and exciting way for students to take ownership of capturing and documenting the school year memories in a visually creative way that will last a lifetime.