At the top of Mount Ellis Academy’s legendary ski hill, the students of MEA gathered for the very last vespers of the year.   Most years, the Agape Feast has been held at the base of the hill in the lodge, but a couple teachers decided to get creative this year. After being chauffeured in trucks by various staff members up the ski hill’s steep, grassy slope, we were met with a peaceful, pretty view. A cross was set up just before the big flat of ground at the top just before the ground dipped into its descent towards the base, and there were plenty of blankets laid on the ground and logs set up for people to sit on. The smell of burgers being grilled was tantalizing and we could hardly wait to eat as we fellowshipped before everything began.

After our meal, Mr. Ellis, Math teacher, led out in a song service. It was incredible to sing on top of our hill: everyone’s voices echoing back from the mountains surrounding us, the slowly sinking sun creating a wonderful golden hour, and we felt on top of our little world. Mrs. Vinglas, Development Director,, blessed our evening with a very touching talk about how there is always a door, always a path to take, and God is there for us no matter what door we go through. Mr. Stuart, Science, then took the front and we partook in communion, drinking grape juice in each other’s presence to help remind us of Jesus’ gift and that he chose the door that led to saving us. Then, as we do every year at the Agape Feast, we closed the evening with the rose ceremony. Every student and staff member was given four roses, and were instructed to gift them to people they appreciate, want to say “sorry” to, or just want to show a little extra love. The sounds of laughter filled the evening air as people exchanged roses, the flowers almost never settling in one’s hand before they were passed to another in overwhelming gratitude. After spending a good amount of time milling about, expressing our appreciation, it was announced that it was time to clean up and return to campus. Everyone lent a helping hand and we descended the hill in no time, feeling blessed and satisfied from an evening full of fellowship and reconnection with our friends and God.

~Ava Rogers, Junior

Students worship through music at top of ski hill