Denise was born and raised in Santa Cruz, California. She went to three Adventist schools and one junior college: Virgil Housel Memorial Junior Academy, Monterey Bay Academy, Pacific Union College, and Sweet Water Health Education.

She married Aaron K. Ferro, a native Hawaiian, on the Big Island of Hawaii. She lived there for nine years and had three kids.

Her son Micah is a senior at Mount Ellis; her daughter Anissa is a freshmen at Mount Ellis; and her youngest son Ethan goes to Mount Ellis Elementary. He’s in fifth grade.

Her jobs and volunteer positions include: janitor, housekeeping, preschool teacher, teachers aide, beginners hand-bell teacher, year book director, women’s ministry leader, home and school leader, adventures club leader, cook, and a Certified Nurses Aide.

Her hobbies are: reading, crafts, vacationing, horse back riding, and river rafting.

Denise Ferro